23 Jan 2013

Tenerife giant rat

They are extincted. They were mammals. They lived in Tenerife.
Their habitat was forested mountains.There are zero in the world.
They ate green yucky worms and plants. They could walk, run, jump but they couldn't fly or swim. They didn’t sing or speak.   Their weight was 1kg and height was 114 cm.
They had a bad sense of touch.
By Laura (6th A, Els Llorers School)

European Lion

They are extincted. They were carnivorous. They lived in Europa. There are  zero in the world. They ate meat. They could run. They didn't sing. They liked meat. Their weight was 2 metres. They had 2 or 3 babies.
By Mario (6th A, Els Llorers School).

17 Jan 2013

American Mastodon

They are extincted. They were mammals. They lived around Alaska, Florida and California. Their habitat was the forests during the ice age.
There are zero in the world. They could walk and run. They liked attend to their babies. Their weight and height: Their weight was about 5443kg and their height was about 2,4m or 3m.
The first factor in their decline was of human and natural.
By Michelle R. (6th A, Els Llorers School)

5 Dec 2012


Acorns are a typical food of autumn or fall.
 Acorns are oak nuts. They are green or brown. Animals that eat them: jayspigeons, doves, some ducks, ponies,  woodpeckers, mice, squirrels, pigs, deers, bears and some rodents.
By 5th C (Els Llorers School)

4 Dec 2012

Food from The USA

Apple pie
Luisiana creole
Potato chips
Cherry pie
Chocolate chips cookies
Blueberry pie
Hot dog
Fried chicken
Bannana split
Pancacke and shirup.
By 6th A (Els Llorers School)

3 Dec 2012

Typical food of Italy

Fish soup
Rice (Rissotto)
Parmesan cheese
Chicken soup
Hand made ice-cream
By 6th A (Els Llorers School).

30 Nov 2012


Nuts are dry fruits and seeds. Some of the most important nuts are:
  • Acorn,
  • Almonds, 
  • Walnuts,
  • Macadamia,
  • Peanut,
  • Pine nut,
  • Pistachio.
They have antiosidants and they are excellent for your health. 
By Dunia (5th C, Els Llorers School).

29 Nov 2012


An eagle is a large bird that eats small animals. It can fly and it likes mountains. It has very long wings and usually it is brown. It is not a mammal animal.
By Sara P. (6th C, Els Llorers School)